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Washer & Dryer


When your dryer breaks, you will be left with wet clothes hanging around your home. To avoid this mildewy inconvenience, it is crucial to quickly call an appliance repair company like Epic Appliance Repair in the Ferriday, LA area to come to your home and perform dryer repair. Our friendly and professional staff will happily provide you with the necessary appliance repair service.


Though you should be replacing the lint trap after each load, it is still possible for lint to block or clog a dryer transition line. Whether this is the underlying issue or not, we will be sure to identify the problem and repair it in no time. Additionally, we will ensure that your dryer is located in a safe space away from the dangers of creating a potential fire in your home. This will keep your dryer efficient for day-to-day use and ensure your home’s safety.

As trained experts with years of experience, we service all brands of any age. Whether you need LG dryer repair or Samsung dryer repair, you can count on us to provide you with quick and efficient service. We will get your appliances back to complete working condition. Contact us today for all your repair needs.

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